Year 10 Media

Course Description

Students will be offered a range of assessments that have been scaffolded from Level One Media Studies. This will prepare them for Level One and build their Media literacy and production skills.

Students will explore music videos and identify, describe and analyse two elements from two or more music videos. This assessment is similar to ENG film study but a different media product will be studied to give them variety. This may be linked to their genre study but students will be given an option of film.

Students will learn how to write a script from a creative story. They can use their creative writing from English or base it on a well-known story such as fables, myths and legends. They will use WriterDuet and learn about script writing conventions. This will prepare them for Level one- three media studies as students are required to plan and design films.

Students will create a media product. This may be a travel instagram template that is compiled of green screen edited images or an advertisement. Students will need to use a camera to shoot with and computer software to edit their images

Course Overview

Semester 1
10.2 Demonstrate selected elements of a media product
10.8 Write a media script

Semester 2
10.5 Plan and design a media product
10.6 Create a media product
10.4 Demonstrate understanding of media genre

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Chromebook (highly recommended)

Recommended Prior Learning

Open Entry

Preferred Year 9 Media Studies or relevant Social Science subjects such has Social Studies.


Any information, costs or standards may change.

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