Year 10 PE and Health

Course Description

Students in Year 10 will be introduced to physical education and hauora through PE and Health.  

Topics covered in PE are:


Skills Interpersonal - Developing a range of skills to participate appropriately with others in a physical activity

Sport Education - Experiencing a range of roles within sport

Skill Improvement - Goal setting and performance analysis

Biomechanics  - How the body works, skeleton, muscles, movements including fitness components


Topics covered in Health are:

Introduction to Hauora - Four Dimensions of health

Maintaining Hauora - Promoting what’s good for our well-being

Space Invaders – Importance of hygiene and infections

Body Safe – Characteristics of a positive friendship and relationships

Substance Issues – Use information about substances to make safe choices

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

PE gear, 1B5, pens

Recommended Prior Learning

Open entry


Career Pathways


Any information, costs or standards may change.

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