Year 10 Spanish

Course Description

This Spanish course is in line with Level 4 of the Learning Languages Curriculum. In Year 10, Spanish is a full year course that focuses on developing communication skills. Spanish is one of the easiest languages for New Zealand students to learn. The ability to speak another language is not only a benefit, but also a great joy. It adds an international dimension to your studies. In this course you will develop your language skills so that you can use simple language independently and with confidence in everyday situations. Learning activities build students’ skills in speaking and writing as well as comprehension of written and spoken Spanish.    You  will be able to communicate, understand and construct simple texts using your knowledge of the Spanish language. Topics will include: • travel • food • leisure activities • school • home and daily routines • Spanish Speaking countries. You will also broaden your understanding of the culture and the lifestyle of countries and communities where Spanish is spoken. Regular assessments in the four skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking will allow students to check progress.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

1 Exercise book.
2 black and blue pens. 1 red pen.
Glue stick, ruler, pack of coloured pencils
Chrome book / Spanish-English dictionary

Recommended Prior Learning

Open entry or have studied Spanish in year 9


Any information, costs or standards may change.

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