Year 10 Tongan

Course Description

This course is in line with level 4 of the Learning Languages Curriculum. Students will continue to build on what they have learned in Year 9. In addition, students will learn to construct simple texts, and describe aspects of their own background and immediate environment and to express and respond to personal needs and interests. Topics like Extended Family, Food preparation, Weather, Directions, Myths and Legends are just some of the topics students will be studying and talk about using Tongan language. The skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing will be an integral part of their learning and students will be assessed on these skills. It is hoped that students of Tongan, at the completion of this course will learn to appreciate their culture, values and its relevance to their everyday life.

Course Overview

Semester 1
Students will continue to build on what they have learned in Year 9. They will continue with learning vocabulary, formulaic expressions, in relation to the topics that they will be studying in Semester 1. They will also be delivering simple speeches, carrying out conversations and interviews, and describing aspects of their own background and immediate environment.

Semester 2
In Semester two students will be learning the language and expressions that will be used in the topics that they learn and research about. They will learn about respectful language, and other important cultural knowledge about the Tongan culture.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

1 x Exercise book
blue, black, and red pens and pencil
eraser, ruler, 1 glue stick, coloured pencils.
Chrome book / Tongan dictionary

Recommended Prior Learning

Students who have studied Tongan in years 7-9 or have prior knowledge of the language.


Career Pathways


Any information, costs or standards may change.

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