Year 9 Food Technology

Course Description

The Food industry produces and supplies a range of food products to meet people’s needs and opportunity daily. The industry is continually developing, improving, processing and producing food to keep the customers satisfied.

Food Technology consists of both theoretical and practical units, which are closely related.

The aims of the units are intended to further develop basic skills in the areas of food preparation and service. Students also become fully aware of the correct methods of food handling, storage and hygiene requirements for the home and the Hospitality Industry. Students will examine the role of food and its nutritional components, effects of poor nutrition and investigate means of improving nutritional status.

Course Overview

Semester 1
Kitchen Safety and Hygiene- Safe Food Handling Awareness
Kitchen Equipment
Cooking methods

Semester 2
Recipes and recipe adaptation and modification
Technological Knowledge and Understanding of terminology
Basic Food Nutrition- Healthy Eating
Food Choices and Habits, The Dietary Guidelines

Ignore this Semester 3
Food Packaging, Labelling and Advertising- Ways, Material, Functions
Product Designing
Design, Develop and Produce a food product- Market research, identifying needs and Opportunities, consumer feed back

Recommended Prior Learning

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