University Entrance

University Entrance:

University Entrance (UE) will continue to be the minimum requirement to go to a New Zealand university. 

The basic qualification for entry to a degree course at a New Zealand university is known as “University Entrance”, abbreviated to UE.

Note 1: Literacy and numeracy credits can be obtained from certain other subjects, as well as English and Mathematics.

Note 2: The above are minimum requirements and universities such as the University of Auckland may have more stringent requirements for many courses. Details can be obtained from the various university websites or from the school Careers Advisors.

To be awarded UE you will need:

NCEA Level 3 and three subjects – at Level 3 or above, made up of: 14 credits each,in three approved subjects.

Literacy – 10 credits at Level 2 or above, made up of: 5 credits in reading, 5 credits in writing

Numeracy – 10 credits at Level 1 or above, made up of: Achievement standards – specified achievement standards available through a range of subjects. Unit standards – package of three numeracy unit standards (26623,26626, 26627 – all three required).

Once you have met the requirements for University Entrance this will appear on your Record of Achievement.

To summarize...... 

Most universities now have specific requirements for entry to particular university courses. If you have a particular university course in mind, check the university entry criteria as soon as possible with the careers advisor. In particular, some universities have introduced a points system based on NCEA grades from university approved Level 3 subjects. Merit and Excellence grades generate more points than an Achieved grade, so you are advised to put in the necessary effort to gain the highest possible grades over your best 80 credits from University Entrance Approved Level 3 subjects.

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